Another World 2130|2160|2190

Made by Gamers for Gamers
run by Community
financed by Crowdfunding only

Inspired by retro games like Arcanum, Fallout 2,
Jagged Alliance 2 and X-Com: Terror from the Deep

Key GAME factors:

  • Uknown apocalypse changed our world into New world, but … maybe into better world?
  • You can choose your own destiny for Human civilizaton and pledge your allegiance for
    • Martians – survivors and people which left Earth to survive in Mars before apocalypse began
    • Earthlings – survivors and people which did NOT left Earth when apocalypse began
  • Game is mix of modern technology and spiritual abilities:
    • In the new world lives people with two major survival phylosophy
      • materialist – to survive, we have to salvage, rebuild and use all modern technology from old world and continue growing
      • spiritualist – to survive, our soul has to be changed and we must practice spiritual way of life and safe the Earth and nature
  • You can play and lead your people as Constructor or Colonizator, Pirate or Raider, Mercenary or Military organization
  • This game is made for unique hard-core type of video game players and community/fans can participate with:
    • you can create your very own enviroment map by in-game Map Editor and place it anywhere in the post-apocalyptic world and other players can visit it anytime as friend or as an enemy
    • you can design and create your very own post-apo cloths based by guidlines of UMA (Unity Multipurpose Avatar)
    • maybe design and create other Equipment later
  • Strategy Mode of  the game consist of:
    • you can build and expand your Major Base, build defense, take care of your people colony, prepare goods for attack to enemies and players, capture settlements or player minor bases
    • you can do bartering with advanced trading system and transport route logic system arround whole post-apo world, trade with settlements and player major bases, cities and much more
    • or you can attack and raid other player caravas in trading route to salvage all nice goods or you can get paid for defending other caravans to earn nice rewards
  • Tactic Mode of the game consist of:
    • a lot of sophisticated tactical options all required to win against enemy
    • mix turn based realtime rule system 
    • your team consists of 5 members with standart MMORPG rules: Tank, DPS and Support
  • Gameplay and Atmosphere:
    • full RPG game genre with sophisticated character profile system, a lot of dialogues, quests, sidelines and unlimited stories
    • Isometric game camera control, extraordinery character animations and authentic enviroment which all together looks fantastic
    • daily quests, fast dungeon style scenarios, chainline missions,  PVP battlegrounds and cooperative PVP raids
    • in-game MapEditor – you can play your own map or build official map for the game
    • limitless exploration and sensation sightseeing maps means neverending game development
    • Free and Paid system – [TBD] but I can guarantee NO pay2win system