Another World 2130 (prototype)

Another World 2130 is full-scale RPG online game, placed in a “realistic” post-apocalyptic Earth, where the game itself also offers all the bests from tactical, strategical and building games.

The game designers focus on to develop a very powerful in-game map editor tool by which aspiring players can create very own maps and encounters in any place of the whole planet.

Project Another World 2130:
made by veteran Gamers for demanding Gamers 
free build by Community of aspiring players
never ends and always innovative
financed through Crowdfunding only

Inspired by best “old” games like Arcanum, Fallout 2,
Jagged Alliance 2, X-Com: Terror from the Deep and Transport Tycoon

and inspired by best “modern” games like World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed and Tomb Raider.

Uknown apocalypse changed our world into New world, but … maybe into better world?

  • Technology and magic become true!
  • Are you survivalist of the Earth? Mars? Moon or did you born in a space station?
  • Your true destiny is to rebuild human civilization on the planet.
  • Lead your people as Spiritual Leader or Emperor, Constructor or Capitalist, Raider or Mercenary, Independent survivalist or Bad guys killer
  • Earn life experience and raise your skills, talents, perks; you have plenty of options
  • Are you afraid of your enemies? You can choose any type of weapon in 26 weapon styles. There is no wrong choice!
  • Limitless exploration and sensation sightseeing maps means neverending gameplay experience, neverending new locations, maps, and stories; everything is in “realistic” procedurally generated post-apocalyptic Earth
  • Are you creative and you want to make your very own authentic location? Just do it!
  • You are never alone! We are planning to become an MMO game. Enjoy the game with your friends.